Florida Investment Network


Why should I invest in a vacant lot in Florida?

The price of real estate in Florida is rebounding nicely after the downturn of 2007. There are many factors that draw people into wanting a piece of property in Florida. The two most important reasons are 1) people want to live in and/or retire to a warm sunny climate, 2) people want to enjoy the many attractions that Florida has to offer.

Why don't you list each lot like MLS does?

We do not prepare an extensive dossier on our vacant lot properties because we are pricing them to move quickly. We would have to charge more for the lots if we invested more time into creating an extensive presentation for each property. The tradeoff is that you have to do more of the research yourself. We offer convenient links to a Google Maps view of the property as wall as Geographic Information System (GIS) link that can provide you some details about the property. These should help to get you started. If you would like more info about a property, you can also add it to your shopping cart and submit it to us so we are ready to help answer any questions you might have.

When I submit my contact info along with the lots I'm interested in, who receives that information?

The information is sent to a representative from Epic Land Holdings Inc. who will be responsible for responding to your expression of interest in one or more of our lots.