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"Our small, early-stage company recently signed up for your service. We got numerous inquiries, several of which we are pursuing, and hopefully will find an investor partner as a result. It is almost impossible for young companies to attract investment capital in the current financial climate, but you managed to bring a number of qualified and interested parties to the table. I would recommend your service to any early-stage company seeking capital. Bruce Jones, CFO "
Bruce Jones

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Featured Proposals

Diversified and Profitable Real Estate Ventures

Established team seeks investors to participate in a strategy blending short term fix and flip properties with medium-term rental assets. Assets located in specific areas in high-demand and appreciation. 50%/50% G.P. / L.P. splits. See tear sheet.



Solving The 3rd Worst Health Problem

NeuroCure,LLC™ is offering an online, social impact investment opportunity with a guaranteed 3-year annualized ROI of 27.9%. It is the answer to the 3rd worse health problem and a science-based program supported by more than twenty verified studies.



Modular Precast Concrete Seawall System

Tectonic Systems, LLC is launching Island Seawall to produce and install precast concrete modular seawall systems in areas ravaged by rising seas and more frequent violent storms. These Systems have been installed in New York – “Not a Concept”!.



Raising $100K for 5 Territory Painting Franchise Acquisition

Seeking $100,000 for equity injection to acquire 5 territories of That 1 Painter in Lee, Charlotte & Pinellas Counties. I am approved for $645,000 SBA Loan and need the funds to contribute to the loan in return for 12% equity.



Expanding Jewelry Division

Get verified gold, silver, platinum, and more globally, with easy exchanges with a partnered cryptocurrency trading platform both online and in-store.



Subcontractor for Large Private & Government / Public Projects

We're an established granite, marble, quartz and wood sheet wholesaler expanding to become subcontractors for large Private & Government / Public projects in the U.S.



Command Center ASPM

Cybersecurity is too Complex and Cost to much money. Command Center ASPM eliminates the complexity and cost of cybersecurity leveraging AI/ML.




All You Need To Know Digital Wallet Application. A software team from India is ready to develop a unique "Digital Wallet Application". Income strategy incorporates a complimentary download, a $5.99 annual subscription, and a 1.1% transaction fee.



Inpatient Detox and Residental Treatment Facility

Substance abuse inpatient treament facility. Our facility is a 45 bed unit sitting on 5.72 acres in north Florida. All requried licensures are in hand. Executive team has over 20 years experience in this industry. Building in owned free & clear.



Marco Hospitality Solutions1

HOSPITALITY EXPERTS Since 2018 Marco Hospitality has been providing personalized care to owners and guests on Marco Island. We are a real estate brokerage that provides full-service management.We are ready for expansion!



Veteran Mobile seeking passive investors to rollout cell phone stores in worlds largest retail chain

Our mobile network was created with the primary mission of combating veteran homelessness, beginning in Florida. We are giving a percentage of our profits to help "boots on the ground" local organizations that are actually doing the work.



Ex-Microsoft employee created new app that pays off rent for consumers

Karla Rewards is a new free app that helps consumers struggling with their rent, pay it off when they shop within the network! It's all done by connecting their credit cards. Similar to Bilt Rewards.



Active Investor to lead pioneering Battery Energy Storage firm

Pioneer ... Designed world's first lithium power bank in 1993. Designed world's first solar embedded lithium power bank in 2007. New firm to disrupt market with Tier-1 solutions/mid-tier pricing. R&D: Sodium-ion Battery --- Ai for Energy Storage.



Goldlink Miami

Goldlink Miami is the missing link between DRC gold mines and U.S refineries. We purchase gold in the form of doré bar directly from DRC mining companies, export it to the USA and sell it to our partner refinery in Miami, Florida.



Seeking Investor - Canned Coffee Already Achieving Sales

Our Italian espresso beverage is poised to disrupt the industry with its authentic flavor, convenient format, and strong brand identity. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, Culturi Coffee is primed for exponential growth.



Tiny Home Community

This investment opportunity creates an affordable living environment for tiny home owners in the city of Pensacola. The community will provide permanent and temporary recreational living arrangements. Both foundational homes and lots will be rented.



Agricultural Hay Farm Buisness

We are a small farm currently producing corn and hay. We have been given the opportunity to take on more land and we have spoken with buyers who want to buy more of our hay so we are looking to take on more acres & put everything into hay production.