Florida Investment Network

Our Refund Policy

In the case that a proposed entrepreneur/investor contact does not take place at all, Dealflow Solutions Ltd. (parent company of Florida Investment Network) will provide a 100% refund to entrepreneurs after the proposal listing period expires.

All refunds require that a letter be sent (via email or posted) explaining the reason for the request. We reserve the right to authenticate all claims.

Please note - The Florida Investment Network is solely a matching service and can offer no guarantee to any entrepreneur that an investor will invest in their business. In an effort to maximize credibility, each investor has completed an eligibility process stating that they are a credible investor among other things. Although these guidelines are in effect and we do everything possible to enable successful contacts, it is beyond the control of Florida Investment Network what happens once an actual entrepreneur/investor match is made. We caution both parties to have patience and proceed cautiously.

Florida Investors

Florida > St Augustine

I'm a IT professional and passionate about investment opportunities to have extra source of income .

$0 to $25,000

Florida > Davenport

As both a private investor and a consultant to private and institutional investors, we have access to capital for ventures that fit investable criteria.

$25,000 to $500,000,000

Florida > Doral

Personal: Age 50, married, Florida. Professional: CFO, Finance and Operations. Education: Economics, MBA. Investment experience: Brewing , restaurant, e-commerce, distribution. Involvement: Any level depending on the investments. Status: Individual investor.

$5,000 to $500,000

Florida > Jacksonville

40 years franchise executive and franchise owner. Individual investor as a silent partner. Married with 3 "children" and 9 grandchildren. Franchise owner with McDonalds through out the north east.

$100,000 to $200,000

Florida > Deerfield Beach

Business owner for 13+ years. Expertise in delivery and warehousing. Individual investor.

$100,000 to $200,000

Florida > Fort Lauderdale

I am an individual that has some funds to invest in viable opportunities. Contact for more information

$50,000 to $1,000,000

Florida > Mulberry

Currently founder / President of fastest growing Truck Brokerage in U.S. looking to invest in your business. I’m 43 years old, live in Lakeland FL, married and a father of two. I’ve been in the transportation/ logistics field for the past 10 years and have launched 3 very successful start ups. My current LLC achieved $100 mil revenue in our second full year and have continued to grow since. While my biggest strength is certainty trucking and logistics, it takes a very well rounded leadership style to launch 3 consecutive startups from $0 to $25 mil annually or more. I can work as a silent advisor for the right company but I am truly looking for another challenge. To see if my skills and advice can help another entrepreneur reach new heights!

$5,000 to $1,000,000

Florida > Oviedo

Currently own (2) successful businesses for over 12 years and I am looking for a new investment opportunity. Involvement to be hands on or an advisory. Have past experience in Real Estate investing and currently in the commercial warehousing business along with commercial office furniture installation industry.

$1,000 to $100,000