Florida Investment Network

Florida Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of using our service:

  • No stressful presentations ("pitches") to large groups of intimidating investors.
  • We are focused on a national and international group of investors unlike traditional Angel groups that tend to be very locally oriented.
  • We offer the choice of having access to international investors through our partner sites.
  • We accept a wide range of proposals in both dollar terms and industry groupings. Most Angel groups are only interested in higher value "tech/internet/health science" deals.
  • Can be largely accomplished from the comfort of your own home.
  • It is often less complicated dealing with individual investors as opposed to Angel groups.

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Florida Investors

Florida > Tampa

I am an investor who is willing to invest time and money in entrepreneurs who are motivated to be successful and watch their business grow. I have invested in one start-up company and it has taught me valuable knowledge regarding business startups. People who know me best say that I am very persuasive and analytical. I hope by utilizing all these skills I can fulfill my ultimate passion which would be to see new businesses flourish.

$1,000 to $5,000

Florida > Deerfield Beach

Business owner for 13+ years. Expertise in delivery and warehousing. Individual investor.

$100,000 to $200,000

Florida > Loxahtchee

I am married and live with my family in Florida. I have a degree in engineering and a Masters in Construction Management. I have been in construction and development of real estates for over 15 years. I am an individual investor interested in cash flow and equity growth. Looking to invest in multi-family, senior living, medical facilities. wellness retreat and resort centers and self storage.

$25,000 to $50,000

Florida > Oviedo

Medical device executive and leadership for the past 20 years. Interested in unique opportunities that make a real difference in the lives of patients.

$5,000 to $25,000

Florida > Palm Beach Gardens

I have 25+ years experience of selling Industrial Products mainly in Printing & Packaging Industries. I am looking to diversify and am interested in new Ideas & ventures for a mutual beneficial association.

$10,000 to $100,000

Florida > Tampa

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 15 years, have been in healthcare for nearly 30 years and currently working on my MBA. Congrats on everyone’s success during these difficult times. We are currently looking for owners who are interested in acquisitions or exit strategies who would be a good fit for our company’s portfolio. Our intentions are to use tools such as copy writing, funnel building, graphic design, etc to grow our newly acquired businesses and we are also open to absentee ownership. Looking forward to meetings in the future. Thank you.

$100,000 to $250,000

Florida > Fort Pierce

I have over 20 years experience in the financial industry. I began my career as a broker/trader and now specializing in financial PR and corporate consulting and restructuring plans for public companies, I have has raised more than $45 million for various public companies in the last eight years. In addition, I have been instrumental in assisting six companies attain public trading status through reverse-shell mergers.

$25,000 to $100,000

Florida > Plantation

I'm currently married with 4 children and a beautiful wife and am currently living in Sunrise, FL. I have got many people the money they needed with many different scenarios presented. I am looking for anyone that needs money for anything, I review the risks/reward and will let you know how much I can cover for what you need. I have a very quick and simple process and depending on the investment type, I can get you the money you need anywhere between 1-3 days which gives us time to conduct due diligence. Once I have my hands on your proposal, I can give you an answer the SAME DAY! There is no specific type of industry to invest in, as long as you have the ability to repay and it is a sound investment, you can have the money.

$10,000 to $100,000,000