Florida Investment Network

Florida Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of using our service:

  • No stressful presentations ("pitches") to large groups of intimidating investors.
  • We are focused on a national and international group of investors unlike traditional Angel groups that tend to be very locally oriented.
  • We offer the choice of having access to international investors through our partner sites.
  • We accept a wide range of proposals in both dollar terms and industry groupings. Most Angel groups are only interested in higher value "tech/internet/health science" deals.
  • Can be largely accomplished from the comfort of your own home.
  • It is often less complicated dealing with individual investors as opposed to Angel groups.

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Florida Investors

Florida > Jacksonville

We are an investor, finder and funder for investment acquisitions, expansion and leverage. Our goal is to get you the funding if you are a good fit for our portfolio or our investors portfolio. Our group loves investments that are already cash flowing and sometimes we can offer a loan, line of credit or an advance instead of owning a stake in your company however its best to structure our agreement. Contact us to have thepossibility of having access to $40M plus. We also can acquire the entire business if needed and if it fits our mission.

$2,000 to $1,000,000

Florida > Tampa

I'm 40yrs old married with a family of 5 and 3 boys located in Tampa FL. I've been involved in 7 startups, 5 of which I have personally invested in or was a co-founder with equity. There was no internet marketing degree in the late 90's so I learned in the school of hard knocks. Grew a drop ship company in late 90's to 32 million in revenue 4yrs later. 8yrs as director of optimization. Currently digital marketing consultant. Consulted with almost every vertical. Ownership in companies selling electronics, shoes, makeup, jewelry, pet supplies, training. Other value-adds: Expert at digital marketing and B2B lead generation (inbound and outbound). I fix business strategy, sales and marketing funnels. Anticipated involvement depends on opportunity. I like to make an impact. Individual Investor.

$1,000 to $25,000

Florida > Pembroke Pines

I’m an investor with technical background looking to join and invest in a mobile industry startup who has already built the minimum viable product and perhaps has some paying customers.

$10,000 to $1,000,000

Florida > Fort Lauderdale

CTO at private high-tech SaaS company HQ in Chicago/DC. Living part- time in Fort Lauderdale and part time in Washington DC. Experienced with software development, back-end, mobile, and cyber security. Computer Engineering/Computer Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Have many contacts in tech and cyber security industries. Also into real estate investments, small business.

$2,000 to $40,000

Florida > Boca Raton

We are a private investment group, currently with two active investing principals with close affiliation to an extended group of private investors. The two active members have experience in finance, accounting, real estate, and the operation of private and publicly held businesses, specifically in health management, pharmaceutical, energy, and consumer products. We are interested in growth opportunities as well as distressed businesses and turnarounds.

$500,000 to $5,000,000

Florida > Miami

We are a family office located in Miami, FL. We have successfully created several businesses throughout the last 60 years and would like to help others in the community do so as well. We have expertise in the following industries: supermarkets, retail, real estate, tire wholesale/distribution, banking, insurance, real estate development, auto industry, technology, fitness, sports, agriculture, and more. From start-ups, to turn around's. We have a vast network and resources to help any business succeed. We sold one of our companies, Associated Grocers of Florida in 2017 to Supervalu for $193 million. In 2011, our Tire Group International Inc. (TGI) partnered with Transportation Resource Partners (TRP) and the McLarty Companies. In 1999, our Ready State Bank was sold to Union Planters Bank . The deal, worth $600 million in assets. Our group includes successful business individuals with MBA's and members of the FIU Business School Hall of Fame. Advisory or hands on.

$100,000 to $5,000,000

Florida > Boca Raton

Entrepreneur for 25 years, owned various businesses through development, acquisition and sale

$1 to $4,000,000

Florida > Orlando

I am an Investor that prefers to invest in high potential investments nothing too small or stagnant. I will consider most opportunities considering they are led by someone who has skin in the game and knows how to make there concept work. I am personally involved in startups that I have built along with some family and understand the commitment required to build something that is successful.

$100,000 to $5,000,000